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Northern Ramblers Car Club – In Our 37th Year!

Promoting the “spirit” of the American Motors Corporation family of cars from 1902-1988.

President’s Letter, October 2017

Well another issue of AM Spirit has arrived and still no one has come forward to express an interest in the upcoming President’s position, meaning that we are now 2 months closer to the March 31st, 2018 date when I will step down. To reiterate, for those members who think that I will extend, the answer is no, and to think otherwise is not fair to either myself, or, more importantly the Club. So, the time is fast approaching where we need people to step up, or the future of the Club is at risk.

In addition to the President’s position, we have two other vacancies that need to be filled. The first is an Events Coordinator who can ensure the all official Club Events come off flawlessly, including, of course Rambler Rama. In the past, Darryl Rae has helped in this role but now with a new baby on the horizon, and a successful new business occupying his time, he can no longer be expected to carry on, but wants to remain an active member in non-official ways. Keep in mind that, in regards to Rambler Rama, there is much more involved that initially meets the eye when you arrive. On the following page you will see all of the elements that require attention to pull off this important Show. The incumbent is certainly not expected to do all of this him (or her) self, as we allot different parts out to different people, at the Club Executive Meetings; so it is more of a supervisory, follow up, type of role.

In addition, we decided a year ago when Chris agreed to become Editor, that we would separate out the printing and mailing of the Newsletter from the actual Newsletter file preparation itself. As he has so often done in support of the Club, Ron Morrison stepped up on an interim basis to take on this task but we now require an individual to, once again, take on this role. It requires about 6 hours of time per Edition, and Ron can definitely guide you through the process. Like anything else, once you have done it a few times, it gets easy.

I am sorry to sound so sober, but, in a nutshell, without new volunteers, the Club’s future is definitely at stake; a situation that none of us wants to see. Starting in November, we will be calling certain long time members to elicit support, so don’t be surprised if you get a call. Also, we encourage new members to also come forward as new blood and new ideas can only make the Club stronger. Just call me at 905-939-8050 to discuss.

On a brighter note, we will be holding our annual Club Christmas Holiday Lunch at the Mandarin Restaurant in Newmarket on Sunday December 10th at 12:45. It is located in the Plaza just south of Mulock Drive, on the east side of Yonge Street. Cost is $21 per person. They can be reached at 905-898-7100. See you there!!

President’s Duties:

  • Schedule, and preside over, quarterly Club Executive Meetings and ensure that these meetings address specific Club issues in a responsible manner.
  • Ensure that the Minutes from Club Executive Meetings, issued by the Secretary, properly reflect the items and issues discussed and acted upon.
  • Organize and oversee all aspects of the annual Club Executive Meeting.
  • Organize and oversee all aspects of the annual Rambler-Rama cruise event, plus other Club associated events such as Ramblers on the Runway.
  • Submit a “President’s Letter” for publication in each Edition of AM Spirit.
  • Act as an ambassador, developing interest and support of the Club and leverage relationships for sponsorships in the Club and, in particular the annual Rambler-Rama Show.

Duties Checklist for Rambler-Rama

  • Confirmation of Site:
  • Draw Prizes: (sourcing and arranging to be brought to Show)
  • Goodie Bags: (sourcing and finding place to assemble):
  • Dash Plaques:
  • Commemorative Tee-shirts:
  • Trophies:
  • Emcee for Trophy Presentations:
  • Photographer for Trophy Presentations:
  • Roving Photographer (including individual car shots and accompanying window cards):
  • Disc Jockey Arrangements:
  • Event Signage, Felt Pens, Draw Tickets and Raffle Bins:
  • Voting Cards:
  • Window Cards:
  • Vote Tabulation Sheets/Winners Sheet:
  • Vote Tabulation Volunteers:
  • Gate Attendees: (Including raffle ticket coordination, and getting ‘money float’)
    9:00-10:30 – 10:30-12:00
  • Security Cones:
  • Registration Desk Volunteers:
  • Registration Desk (including recording sheets and giveaways:
  • Membership Forms:
  • Extra/Surplus Past Newsletters:
  • 50/50 Draw (Including getting ‘money float’):
  • Roving Reporters for Newsletter:
  • Post Event Dinner Arrangements:
  • Show Promotion: