Northern Ramblers Car Club – In Our 38th Year!

Promoting the “spirit” of the American Motors Corporation family of cars from 1902-1988.

March/April 2018 – Introducing our new Executive Team

Great news Northern Rambler’s Club Members!! Alf Holden has agreed to take on the Presidency of our Club effective April 1st. Most of you know Alf as a renowned automotive writer who, until his recent retirement, was a regular contributor to the Toronto Star Weekend ‘Wheels’ section. Alf has attended several of our past Club Executive meetings and is not only a good listener, but also has come forward with several new ideas to help us move the Club forward. Please join me in welcoming Alf to his new role, and wishing him every success. As for me, I will be helping Alf ‘learn the ropes’, as they say, as will long time Club Member Ron Morrison. Below is some additional information Alf supplied to me regarding his automotive journalism background and his history with AMC. Welcome aboard Alf!!!

Steve Johnston, Outgoing President.

Alfred Holden joined the AMC hobby when he began waxing his parents’ new 1974 Hornet at age 16. In 2012 he stepped up to an Ambassador wagon which has been seen at Rambler Rama meets ever since. Alfred spent his career in journalism, most of it (1984-90, 1997-2016) as a reporter or editor at The Toronto Star, where he curated the Wheels section’s weekly “Eye Candy” feature on vintage cars, including several owned by Northern Ramblers members. He has witnessed some cool American Motors history — spotting an early Beijing Jeep at a trade show in China in 1986, shopping for a new Eagle Premier in 1988 (a car he wishes he’d bought), seeing AMC plants in Toledo and Kenosha, and interviewing Willie Racine, a childhood friend of his dad’s, who ran the AMC/Jeep dealership in Burlington, Vermont. More lately Alfred has showed up at club meets with his camera and notebook, recording members’ car stories for AM Spirit.

“I’ve met good people at every turn. There’s no shortage of American Motors cars or interest in them,” says Alfred. “I am honoured to step up and lead the club’s strong tradition of stewardship. There is hardly anything more fun than driving around in an AMC, unless it’s stopping to meet the diverse who appreciate the cars, which are an important part of our region’s history. Let’s continue to show our American Motors cars, tell their stories, share our experiences.”

President’s Duties:

  • Schedule, and preside over, quarterly Club Executive Meetings and ensure that these meetings address specific Club issues in a responsible manner.
  • Ensure that the Minutes from Club Executive Meetings, issued by the Secretary, properly reflect the items and issues discussed and acted upon.
  • Organize and oversee all aspects of the annual Club Executive Meeting.
  • Organize and oversee all aspects of the annual Rambler-Rama cruise event, plus other Club associated events such as Ramblers on the Runway.
  • Submit a “President’s Letter” for publication in each Edition of AM Spirit.
  • Act as an ambassador, developing interest and support of the Club and leverage relationships for sponsorships in the Club and, in particular the annual Rambler-Rama Show.

Duties Checklist for Rambler-Rama

  • Confirmation of Site:
  • Draw Prizes: (sourcing and arranging to be brought to Show)
  • Goodie Bags: (sourcing and finding place to assemble):
  • Dash Plaques:
  • Commemorative Tee-shirts:
  • Trophies:
  • Emcee for Trophy Presentations:
  • Photographer for Trophy Presentations:
  • Roving Photographer (including individual car shots and accompanying window cards):
  • Disc Jockey Arrangements:
  • Event Signage, Felt Pens, Draw Tickets and Raffle Bins:
  • Voting Cards:
  • Window Cards:
  • Vote Tabulation Sheets/Winners Sheet:
  • Vote Tabulation Volunteers:
  • Gate Attendees: (Including raffle ticket coordination, and getting ‘money float’)
    9:00-10:30 – 10:30-12:00
  • Security Cones:
  • Registration Desk Volunteers:
  • Registration Desk (including recording sheets and giveaways:
  • Membership Forms:
  • Extra/Surplus Past Newsletters:
  • 50/50 Draw (Including getting ‘money float’):
  • Roving Reporters for Newsletter:
  • Post Event Dinner Arrangements:
  • Show Promotion: